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About us

        Wuhan Eastin Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd  Was established in 2001, which is devoted to research, development, production and sales with the registered capital of RMB10,000,000.

The company is located in Wuhan, belongs to Cihui industrial garden of Taiwan businessmen, 15 kilometers to Hankou center, 5 kilometers to Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway with convenient transportation.

Our company is specialized in fine product development, production, management of medical intermediate, polymerization material monomer and so on. The company occupies the area of 20,000 square meters, 500 tons/year productivity of fine chemical and self-management import and export power.

The fine product is benzophenone derivative serial, such as benzophenone hydrazone, Diphenylcarbinol, benzeneacetic acid, 4,4 ' - dihydroxybenzophenone, 4,4 ' -difluorobenzophenone and so on.

We take high and new technology as the foundation and win High and new technology Enterprise of Hubei Province for three years. The special engineering plastics polymerization monomer attained the support of Wuhan significant scientific and technical payoffs, also attained innovation fund in 2003.

We take the product is the forerunner, quality is the center as objective and establish perfect quality system according to ISO9001-2000, passed quality system of British Morocco Company, British UKAS quality system certificate, “AAA” technical credit enterprise of Wuhan, A level authentication certificate of Chinese Chemical industry Association.

Providing high quality product and service for you is our unchanging idea.

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